Kiss Naturals Bath Fizzie Review & Giveaway


During a rainy day , sometimes it is hard to keep the children busy and entertained.

Especially my oldest child, Hayley. She’s 13 years old and lays around complaining she’s “bored”.

It was a great chance to pull out another one of my Kiss Naturals review packages to do!

We decided to try Kiss Naturals Bath Fizzie kit.

canadian basics

The great thing about this package is that you can either follow on the box or go to the Kiss Naturals site and watch the DIY videos.

The scents are : Sweet Orange and Pink Grapefruit

The directions were so easy that Hayley did it all by herself as I watched.

It took no help from me.

It was great that the directions are so easy that children can do it on their own.

canadian basics

She mixed up the ingredients and put half made with Sweet Orange and half with Pink Grapefruit.

I loved the fragrances! They made the room smell wonderful!

After we poured it into the molds, we left it overnight and in the morning had molded bath bombs!

Find out how you can purchase your own DIY kit CLICK HERE

These kits are great presents for children.

Also comes in Birthday Packs!

**I received a Bath Fizzies kit to review but my reviews are my own.

Kiss Naturals is offering 1 Canadian Basics fan a chance to win a DIY Bath Fizzie kit!

Open to Canadians 18+


Fun Indoor Activities for Kids





Rainy days are never fun and a lot of time end up with at least one child saying, “I’m bored!”

The best way to solve that is have a few things to do for the day to keep the  children busy!

Here is a easy list of some ideas that you and your children can do together.




Rainy Day Activities:

  1. Indoor Camping ~ My siblings and I use to do this often indoors. We did it with chairs and sheets or using thumb tacs to hang up sheets on our walls. We use to cover one end of the livingroom to the other with sheets and placed our pillows down for comfort.  We would colour and eat under there. Even watch a movie while laying under there. You can also use an small dome tent if you have one. And set it up inside.

  2. Board Games ~ When I was a kid I loved playing Monopoly on a rainy day. Turn off all electric devices, get some drinks and snacks and play some board games! Fun for the whole family and memories that will last a lifetime! No board games in your home? Get a pen, paper and a hat. Write out words and put them in a hat (movies are also good) and play charades!

  3. Baking ~ Check to see what you have on hand and bake something with the kids. Take it a step further and have them help make supper. A great way to teach them what goes in to preparing a meal. It doesn’t have to be a fancy supper. Do something as simple as sloppy joes with cupcakes for desert!

  4. Movie Day~ Pick a few movies out and sit down with popcorn, snacks and drinks. Enjoy the movies together. (I love doing old 80s movie days)

  5. Have a Tea Party ~ Have each child bring their favourite doll or stuff animal. Make sandwiches & cookies. It doesn’t have to be tea, it can be milk in the tea cups.

  6. Colouring~ Sit down with some crayons and colour with the kids. Put the finished products on the fridge!  Check the Crayola website for free colouring pages you can print. CLICK HERE to go to the site page

  7. Treasure Hunt ~ Hide some objects around the house. (limit the amount of rooms to make it easier. ) Give the children a list of clues. Older they are the harder the clues.


What are some fun activities for your children to do on a rainy day?