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My son is a huge Dino Dan fan. Spencer loves watching the movies and enjoys them time and time again. Spencer has a television in his own room so he can watch one movie before bed and he usually chooses one from the Dino Dan Trek’s Adventures series.

The Dino Dan movies have several stories included in them to keep your child entertained. It is a great reason to pop in a movie and have a family movie night at home with popcorn!

Dino Busters Review Giveaway

Dino Dan Dino Busters || NCircle Entertainment || 90 minutes approx. running time. 

Join junior dinosaur expert Trek Henderson as he imagines dinosaurs into the real world dinobusters edition! When his friends come over, Trek tells them the story of a haunted house, which turns out to not have ghosts but instead has dinosaurs! Who ya gonna call? Dinobusters! Enjoy six more dino-rrific adventures with Trek and friends!

You can get a free app and scan the picture to see a Pterodaustro come to life!

Mack & Moxie Review and Giveaway

Mack & Moxy The Great Helpee Heroes || NCircle Entertainment 

Join Mack, a lovable, moose-like lummox, and Moxy, a feisty whirlwind of a raccoon/fox go-getter, on four exciting adventures! Together with a helpful Trooper, Mack & Moxy set out to rescue another Great Helpee in a far off mystical place called HelpeeLand. Along the way, Mack & Moxy meet a new Friend in Need who ends up teaching us a new important cause. Let’s embark on the first adventure! Mack & Moxy set out on a colorful adventure to HelpeeLand in search of a Great Helpee. Along the way, they met Nolie, a loveable little puffball who has never had any friends to play with. As the Heroes become her first friends, they share and sing about the joys of reading books. Guest celebrity, Josh Duhamel (Transformers, All My Children), helps the Heroes mission in support of Save the Children, providing quality preschool programs to underserved children around the world since 1932. In this DVD, Mack & Moxy introduce us to Save the Children, American Red Cross, Feeding America, and World Wildlife Fund. Other guest celebrities featured include Kal Penn (House M.D., How I Met Your Mother) and Eva LaRue (CSI Miami, All My Children). Mack & Moxy teaches children life-long lessons of charity and compassion while celebrating the joy of helping others.

Great lessons for kids to learn! My niece loves Mack & Moxy and I love that it teaches her great lessons while she watches. I also enjoy that Mack & Moxy share about great charity programs that are available.

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One lucky Basically Speaking reader will have a chance to win both dvds.

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My Very Own Name Personalized

My Very Own Name Personalized Children’s Book is available from I SEE ME personalized children’s books Here.

I was able to review My Very Own Name Personalized Children’s Book for my niece Emily.

The book comes with a personalized picture and dedication to her from Mike and I.

The pages make up her first and last name using animals.  A great way to learn about animals and teach a child to spell their own name.

Pictures are beautifully illustrated.  I SEE Me personalized children’s books are a great keepsake. Previously we got one for Spencer to have with Pirates. I look forward to purchasing other I SEE ME personalized children’s books for other children in my family.  These books are perfect gifts for any occasion or celebration.



Win a My Very Own Name Personalized Children’s book for a child in your life.


Open to CAN/US

Ends May 27/16

Good Luck!

My Very Own Name Personalized Children’s Book Giveaway


*disclosure – I received the book listed above for review but the opinions expressed are my own. 

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Lots of people suffer from aches and pains in their daily living. Mike has back pain from a work related injury. It isn’t fun living with aches and pains while trying to do things in your daily life. The aches and pains can affect your sleep. Lakota has lots of products to help you and your family to get relief.

lakota pm

Lakota® pm is a natural source sleep aid that will help give you pain relief. It is a gentle sleep aid that will allow you to get the 8 hours of sleep that you need. When you need relief from pain to sleep. Going natural with Lakota® is the best way to go.

Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever

Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever will give you relief in the area on your back that the pain is located. A simple to use roll-on applicator will allow you to get the relief that you need. I would suggest not to use the roll-on applicator after having a shower. It seems to make it burn from the pure pepper extract. But it does work well when you apply it.

Lakota® Triple Action Back Pain caplets

Lakota® Triple Action Back Pain caplets are also great for back pain relief. You can pair this with the Lakota® Back Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever to give you maximum relief. The caplets are all natural and it is recommended to take with your meal. The caplets are Gluten free, Yeast free , Sugar free and Dairy free. They have no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. So you know that you are getting a natural source of medicine and it works for any special diets.

Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever

Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever is a must have if you are an adult active in sports. This roll-on pain reliever is also fast acting and odourless. It will give relief to aches from working out, injury or sprains. I know when I have a sprain, it feels like I am forced to stay down and relax. Sometimes that isn’t possible but with Lakota® Muscle Pain Roll-On Pain Reliever, I can still do my mom duties.

Lakota® Muscle Pain Maximum Strength caplets

Lakota® Muscle Pain Maximum Strength caplets will give you relief naturally from your muscle pain. Just like the Lakota® Back Pain products, you can use the roll-on plus the caplets for maximum relief.

Lakota® Joint Care caplets

Lakota® Joint Care caplets will help you if you suffer from pain in your joints. This joint pills will help your repair your cartilage with mineral nutrients, give you pain relief plus a relief from the joints being inflamed with natural ingredients.

Darby with Lakota

Lakota® also offers help for dog with Lakota® Canine Joint Care tablets. These tablets are in the form of little bones that have a beef liver flavour. An all natural product to help your furbabies by giving them relief from joint pain. I remember being a child and seeing my grandmother’s dog in pain as he walked around. I wish we had these Canine Joint Care tablets to give him to relieve the pain.

To see more products available from Lakota click here

Natural Pain Relief with Lakota Giveaway

Enter to win $150 Lakota® Prize Pack & $50 Amazon gift card

Open to Canada & US residents 18+

Ends March 8, 2016

One entry per household


150$ Lakota Prize AND 50$ Amazon

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review & Giveaway

Fujifilm Instax® Mini 8 Review & Giveaway

fujifilm instax mini 8

The Fujifilm Instax® Mini 8 instant camera reminds me of when I had an old Poloroid camera as a teen and would take a ton of pictures with my friends at school. We had lots of these pictures up in our lockers. I even have some of those pictures around in my old photo boxes.

Fujifilm made it even better. Not only does it have a more modern look to the Instax® Mini 8, produces better instant photos but it comes in really cool colours that you or your teen would love.

The Instax® Mini 8 comes in Blue, Black, Pink, White, Raspberry, Grape and Yellow.

We received Instax Mini 8 instant camera in Raspberry.

Enter to win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ~ Canada ~ Ends 12/26 #contest #giveaway #Fujimoms #MyFujifilm

The features for the Instax Mini 8 are:

  • Built-In Lens Cover
  • Instant Photos (credit card sized pictures to fit in your purse or wallet.)
  • Electronic Shutter- 1/60 sec. shutter speed.
  • Brightness Adjustment Dial (automatically determines the best brightness and suitable setting.)
  • High-Key Photos
  • Auto Flash/Focus Free



The Instax Mini 8 kit comes with: 

  • Instax Mini 8 instant camera
  • Instax Instant Film (10 credit card sized instant photos)
  • Wrist Strap
  • 2 x AA Batteries


Instax Mini 8 instant photos


The Instax Mini 8 is a very easy to use point and shoot. I had Hayley take it with her to her friend’s house where she was getting ready for the Semi-Formal Dance. She tried it here at home to make sure she had no problems. She didn’t which isn’t surprising with all the technology now, kids can work equipment fast.  She took great pictures with her friend and can look back on her first Semi-Formal Dance.

Here is what my 14 year old Hayley says about her thought on the Instax Mini 8:

The Instax Mini 8 is really easy to set up. The setting on the lens tells you what lighting you should use and is really helpful to get the right picture. It is really fun to get a instant picture right away. You can get different films to personalize the photos. (Diane popping in to let you know the film she is talking about is the Instax® Mini Rainbow Film) The colours of the pictures are very nice and vibrant. I like that you can get different colours of the Instax Mini 8 cameras to show your personality.

Some great accessories you could purchase to go with the Instax® Mini 8 are:

Instax® Mini 8 Rainbow Film

instax rainbow film

NEW Instax® Mini 8 Photo Album – Blue (comes in other colours)

instax mini 8 photo album

NEW Instax® Personality Pegs

Instax picture pegs

NEW Instax® Pretty Magnetic Pegs

Instax Pretty Magnetic Pegs

The Instax Mini 8 instant camera is a perfect gift for tweens, teens and adults with lots of great accessories to add to the gift. The Instax Mini 8 Photo Album and the Instax Pegs are great stocking stuffers for the Holiday Season.

Check out where to buy Fujifilm Instax® Mini 8 and accessories Online

Be sure to follow Fujifilm on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram to get all up to date information on Fujifilm products and great tips.

Enter to win a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 ~ Canada ~ Ends 12/26 #contest #giveaway #Fujimoms #MyFujifilm

Fujifilm is offering one Canadian Basics reader a chance to win an Instax® Mini 8. 

Open to Canada only

Ends December 26/15 11:59:59 pm est 

Instax Mini 8 Giveaway

I received the product above for review but the opinions are my own.

Contest Disclosure

Have a Sweet Tooth? Check out the Candy Adriatico Review & Giveaway


Have a Sweet Tooth? Check out the Candy Adriatico Review & Giveaway


Candy Adriatico Review and Giveaway ~ open worldwide ~ ends Dec. 14/15 #contest #win #giveaway


Do you have a sweet tooth? Or what about someone you know among your friends or family?

Do you like trying treats from other countries?

If you said yes to any of these question, the Candy Adriatico subscription box is for you.

I received a Candy Adriatico subscription box and was excited to open it. I have never tried candy from another country before other than German chocolate which I admit is my weakness.

I was excited for the package from Candy Adriatico to experience what I would receive from it.

When I opened up the box I received a Post card with a letter written on it. It was nice to receive a postcard and it made the box more personal. It made me feel like this box was made for me.

In the November Box, I received:

  • Fiesta Cake ~ from Italy ~ Soft Chocolate Sponge Cake with Orange Cream
  • Kinder Choco ~ from Italy ~ Milk Chocolate Candies
  • šumi Apple ~ From Slovenia ~ Hard Candy with Powdery Fruit Filling
  • Togo Classic ~ from Italy ~ Cookie Sticks covered with Milk Chocolate
  • Tortica Jardo ~ Croatia ~ Mini Wafer Snack with Chocolate and Milk Cream
  • Ringo ~ Italy ~ Chocolate Biscuits Filled with Soft Cocoa Cream




The candy I tried first was Togo Classic from Italy. I have to say this is my new favourite. I ate half a package before I tried any other. By the end of the day, I had the package finished. The cookie sticks with chocolate covering is a perfect match. I let Hayley have a few. See I share.

togo classic from Italy


Then next we tried Ringo from Italy. I liked the chocolate biscuits with cocoa cream. I enjoyed them. They reminded me of the cookies you can get in the store with cream filling. Hayley said it needed more chocolate. I ate the rest with my tea this morning. I would purchase them often if they were in the store. I think sometimes you want a cocoa taste without it being overpowering. Perfect with a cup of tea.



We tried the Tortica Jadro from Croatia next. I thought the wafer was good. It must have been a favourite of Hayley’s because she ate it all pretty quick. Maybe Santa should put another in her stocking!

Tortica Jadro


I didn’t get a chance to try the Kinder Choco from Italy because as soon as Hayley saw there was 3 Kinder Choco, she ate it. I have had them before though. Hayley loves Kinder Choco. If you order a box from Candy Adriatico, you might want to keep these for the kids.

Kinder Choco


šummi Apple from Slovenia was the perfect candy dish candy. They have a green apple taste with almost a sour taste in the middle. If you like sour candies like I do, this is a great part of the package. I love the taste of green apple so I enjoyed this and so did Hayley.



Last but not least was Fiesta Cake from Italy. If you love orange with your chocolate, you will enjoy this. I am not a fan of orange in my chocolate but Mike likes it. So I let him have it. I figured it was only fair since Hayley and I cleared out the rest of the box. (haha)

fiesta cake


You can order Candy Adriatico for different monthly packages from 1 month, 3 months or 9 months.  Save when you order the bigger subscription.

You can also order a Sample box that will be shipped within 72 hours plus Free Worldwide shipping.

All purchases are done through Paypal to protect you.

Have someone that loves candy? You can send Candy Adriatico as a gift.

CLICK HERE to check the Candy Adriatico webpage.



Candy Adriatico wants to offer a Canadian Basics reader a chance to win a Special Mixed Box 

Open Worldwide

Ends Dec. 14/15 11:59:59pm est


Candy Adriatico Giveaway



I received the product above but my opinion is my own. 

Giveaway Disclosure 

Horror Pack Subscription Review

Horror Pack Subscription Review 

horror pack


Do you or someone you know love horror films?

To be scared at night while you are watching one of your old favourites?

Now there is a subscription box that is for you!

Horror Pack is a subscription based service that allows you to sign up for either Blu-ray or DVD Horror movies that come in a 4 pack. (you can also pay for both packages and end up with 8 movies a month) These movies are brand new and in shrink wrap packaging.

Ships worldwide!


I received the first pack that Horror Pack sends out.

My package included: The Exorcism of Emily Rose, The Orphanage, The Barber and Pro-Wrestlers vs. Zombies. 

I was very excited to see The Exorcism of Emily Rose since that’s one I have wanted to see but keep forgetting to get it at the store to check it out.  It was intense and the fact it was based on real events made it more interesting.

Pro-Wrestler vs. Zombies was really funny and great to watch since a lot of my favourite wrestlers from when I was a child was in this movie. (Rowdy Roddy Piper and Kurt Angle)

The Orphanage was intense and I had to close my eyes a lot watching it. Guillermo Del Toro never lets you down with this movies. They deliver the fright you want. I have never seen this one before either but I think I found a new favourite!

The Barber was good and Malcolm McDowell was the perfect actor for this film.  I wish there was more scary moments where you didn’t know if you should hide your eyes or watch. It needed more but it was good movie.

All in all I enjoyed the Horror Pack Subscription I received and can say that I will be signing up to enjoy this again. I wonder what my next 4 movies will be?

bump in the night

Right now you can’t request a movie but you can suggest a movie to put in a Horror Pack on their Facebook Page. CLICK HERE 

If you have a horror fan in your house or in your family, the Horror Pack subscription would be a great holiday gift! It is like receiving a gift every month for a year! 

CLICK HERE to order a Horror Pack for yourself. 

Disclaimer: I received the product above to review but my opinions are my own. 

Keep Your Lips Moisturized This Winter with Softlips LUXE


Keep Your Lips Moisturized This Winter with Softlips® LUXE


If you are like me, your lips get dry in the winter season. I have tried lots of other brands of lip balms and found that they dry my lips out even more.

When I was a teen, all I ever used was Softlips® and found that that was the only product to moisturize my lips during the cold dry winter season. Which makes me think of the old saying “If it isn’t broke, why fix it?” And that’s why I continue to use Softlips® today as an adult and give it to my children to use too!

Softlips® is now introducing a NEW product called Softlips® LUXE.


Softlips® Luxe Creamy Coconut 


Softlips Luxe Creamy Coconut #SoftlipsLuxe #Giveaway #Win #Contest


Softlips® Luxe Silky Shea

Softlips Luxe Silky Shea #SoftlipsLuxe #Giveaway #Win #Contest

Softlips® Luxe Silky Shea and Softlips® Luxe Creamy Coconut are the two flavours that are in this new collection. They add moisture to your lips without drying them out like other brands.

Softlips® Luxe is formulated with Shea Butter to hydrate your lips. The Shea Butter soothes dry chapped lips.

Replenishes with antioxidant Vitamins A, C, E.

Protects your lips with SPF 15 sunscreen. Important for a lip product to offer sunscreen to protect your lips.

Smoothes your lips leaving them silky soft.

Adds shine to your lips. You can even put lipstick or lip gloss over top of the Softlips® Luxe.

My lips are always dry. Using the Softlips® Luxe helped keep my lips moisturized and smooth. I didn’t feel like I had to keep putting it on.  I love the taste of the flavours on my lips.

Softlips® Luxe fits in your purse to take with you on the go!

Check out where Softlips® is sold: CLICK HERE

Check out Softlips® on Facebook: CLICK HERE 


Softlips® wants to offer one Canadian Basics reader a chance to win the following prize pack valued at $50:

  • 1 Softlips LUXE lip moisturizer Creamy Coconut: $4.67
  • 1 Softlips LUXE lip moisturizer Silky Shea: $4.67
  • 1 Softlips CUBE lip moisturizer Fresh Mint: $4.99
  • 1 Softlips CUBE lip moisturizer Peach Mango: $4.99
  • 1 Purse Mirror: $10.00
  • 1 Cosmetic Bag: $20.00

Open to Canada only

Ends November 27/15 11:59:59 pm est 

Softlips LUXE

I received the product listed above to review but my opinions are my own

Natural Goodness for Your Pet



Natural Goodness for Your Pet



In our home we have 3 pets that we love in our family.

We have a dog named Darby, a cat named Coco and an anole (lizard) named Bob.


Of course Bob lives off of crickets so I can’t really know exactly what is in his food supply but with Coco and Darby, I always want the more natural food for them because they are important to us. They are our family members and just like I wouldn’t want my children to put junk and poor food choices in their body.

Holistic Blend is perfect for your fur babies if you want more natural food and treat formulas for them.


What Goes In:

  • Free Range Meats
  • Wild Pacific Salmon
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Herbs & Antioxidants


What Stays Out:

  • Animal By-products
  • Chemical Preservatives
  • Added Sugar
  • Added Salt
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Beet Pulp





Darby tried Premium Blend Chicken, Rice & Vegetables, Lamb & Rice, Marine 5 Fish and Turkey & Salmon.


Coco tried Turkey & Chicken, Marine 5 Blend and Chicken & Salmon.


They both tried Holistic Blend Natural Vitamins & Minerals which helps Natural Balance, Hair Balls and Colour Pigmentation.


Coco has a lot of problems with hair balls because she is a long haired Siamese cat.  We have tried food in the past to get rid of hair balls previously and it didn’t work. But with the Holistic Blend Dry Cat food and Natural Vitamins & Minerals helped her a lot. She hasn’t had a hair ball problem since trying these products.


Darby also tried Holistic Blend Peanut Butter Hearts and loved them.  The Peanut Butter Hearts are great if your dog has allergies. Also they are great to promote good dental health for your dog. It promotes fresh breath, clean teeth and healthy gums.

Holistic Blend also has Grain-Free Dog treats and Cat treats

Find Holistic Blend in a pet store near you ~ CLICK HERE

To see the other Holistic Blend products ~ CLICK HERE