Being Prepared for Emergencies


Being Prepared for Emergencies

It doesn’t matter if it is summer or winter, with the chance of your electricity going out. You need to have a kit for yourself and your family just in case.

All you need to do is have a tote with a lid to store some items in there to protect them and keep them located where you can get to them if you need them.

I remember a friend in Florida telling me that she kept 3 totes of stuff handy for hurricane weather. One tote was emergency clothes and their ID and any important papers. The other tote was food and water and the last tote was for their dogs. They often left the area before a hurricane came in, so they were prepared because they needed to travel. I think it is a great idea.


Here are some items you could use for your Emergency Kit:

  • bottle water – For drinking or cooking if you can’t use the water in your home.
  • Food that won’t spoil – canned food, energy bars, packaged foods and pet food if you have pets.
  • A manual can opener
  • First Aid Kit
  • Battery operated or wind up flashlight. We have a wind up one and it comes in handy.
  • Candles, matches and lighters.
  • Swiss Army Knife
  • Hand sanitizer


We went through three days of our power being out in the middle of summer because was a tornado a town over that destroyed the hydro towers.

We started using our barbecue like we were camping. I even made my morning cup of tea on it. Three days was a long time to go without electricity for us. It was also hot out so at night our house was like an oven.

If you are at home and there are no real dangers other than being stuck without power, get out the board games or books and relax.


Being Prepared for Emergencies

We were lucky that we didn’t have to leave our home but if the area you are in isn’t safe, here are some extra things you should take with you if you have time to take them.

Here are some other additional items you may need:

  • A portable stove
  • sleeping blankets
  • toiletries (don’t forget toilet paper)
  • Paper plates, plastic cutlery, garbage bags
  • pots for portable stove
  • a pair or two of clean clothes for each member
  • leashes for animals
  • Any important papers
  • Your identification


What ways do you keep yourself prepare in case of an emergency?


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Schwartz's Smoked Meat Recalled

[sam id=”12″ codes=”true”]



On November 15th, 2013 – Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) has ordered a recall on Schwartz’s Smoke Meat due to Listeria contamination!

The following product has been sold in Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia, but may also have been sold in other provinces.

Information about Package:

  • Schwartz’s At-Home

  • Smoked Meat

  • size 500 g (4 x 125 g)

  • code on product – 2013DE13

  • UPC 6 27533 96123 5

[sam id=”11″ codes=”true”]

What You Should Do:

Check to see if you have the recalled product in your home. Recalled product should be thrown out or returned to the store where it was purchased.

For more information CLICK HERE

Warming weather is coming ~ Tips to keep your pet safe! ~

3669_10152746297750078_620872235_nThese are some of my fur babies 🙂

Under the law they are considered property 🙁 They are living, breathing creatures that have feelings and feel pain.

With Summer coming here are some tips to keep your pet safe.

  • Do not leave your pet in a vehicle, even with the windows down a bit. It’s like leaving them in a roasted oven.  ~ Do a test ` sit in the car with the windows rolled completely up~ Sit there for 5 minutes ~ Ask yourself how do you feel? Now imagine a dog has fur or hair on top of that ~ Leave your pet at home if you cannot keep them with you~
  • Keep your pet trimmed and combed well to ensure they do not have matts of hair or excess hair that will make it much warmer for them.
  • Pets need lots of Fresh Water ! I often put a few ice cubes in it to keep it cooler longer.
  • Do not let your pet sit on your lap while driving ~ please tell me what happens to  your pet if you need to slam on your breaks? Exactly!
  • Do not let your pet hang out the window ~ again what happens if you need to slam on your breaks?
  • Invest in a proper harness to clip to the seat belt to properly keep your dog safe so in th even of an accident; he or she will be much safer!
  • In hotter weather, try feeding your dog earlier in the morning or later in the evening when it’s cooler; just like you when it’s hotter sometimes you don’t feel like eating; neither does your pet.
  • I often keep pieces of water melon with me in the car.