Earn More With Shop.ca & Ebates.ca


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Saving money becomes harder and hard but with Save. ca , you can save and earn cash back!

Here’s how:

First go to Ebates.ca  CLICK HERE

Sign up!

Then go to Shop.ca CLICK HERE


Now you are all signed up! Time to shop!



Go back to Ebates.ca CLICK HERE

In the top type in Shop.ca in search bar like this:




Click on the Shop.ca (See the 20.0%! That’s the cash back you receive when you buy at Shop.ca through Ebates!)

Hit the Shop now red button

It will take you to Shop.ca and you can start shopping!

**Tip: See a great price or product on Shop.ca? Share it on your social media and earn credit! Buttons are located right below the product price.

Be sure to add your Aeroplan account # to your Shop.ca account. For a limited time you will receive 5x miles on your first purchase


Here is my shopping from yesterday with Shop.ca and Ebates:




Notice I received credit? That credit was built up over time due to sharing great deals! I was able to apply it to my order.

**Note: Refer friends and family to both Shop.ca and Ebates.ca to get a refer bonus.

$5 for Ebates (when a friend spends $25 using the Ebates account) and $25 for Shop.ca (when a friend spends $75 using their Shop.ca account)



Here is my cashback from Ebates:







So with credit from Shop.ca and cashback from Ebates, I ordered 2 gifts for $9 plus FREE Shipping!

Not a bad at all!

Don’t forget to let your American family and friends know about Ebates! They can also shop through there for their purchases!







Baby Items on Sale at Shop.ca




Baby items up to 68% off right now on Shop.ca.

Great time to purchase some Baby Shower gifts or something for a new baby in the family.

canadian basics

Sassy Bathtime Snap & Squirt Toys (6mths +) in Sea Creatures $5.79 

Canadian Basics

Nuby Nby Stage Non-Drip Bottle 110z in Aqua $2.25


Nuby Electric Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer $13.92

Canadian Basics

Avent Animal Pacifier $10.56

CLICK HERE to go to Shop.ca for these and other GREAT deals

Also go through Ebates.ca and get 10.0% cash back when you purchase at Shop.ca ~ CLICK HERE

Great Deal on Kobo Arc 16GB at Shop.ca




 Right now at Shop.ca the Kobo Arc 16GB is just $99.99!

Regularly on shop.ca it is $259.99, that means it is a 61% savings!


Also when you sign up right now for Shop.ca, you receive a $25 credit and all shipping is FREE. (also earn 495 areoplan miles!)

PLUS if you go through Ebates you get 18% back!

A great deal on a present for your loved one or yourself!

CLICK HERE to go to Shop.ca

CLICK HERE to go to Ebates.ca

A Guide To How Your Friends Can Help With Online Purchases!



shop wtih friendsA Guide On How Your Family Can Help You With Your Purchases! Save Money On Online Shopping!

Want to shop for Free or with even Larger Discounts! Check this out and start sharing your links with Family & Friends!


Ebates also has a referral program.

If you refer any family or friends to Ebates via your special link; when they make their first purchase of $25 or more you will receive a one time credit as a Thank you for referring them! The credit varies from $5 to $10 (Depending on the promotion they have on at the time) That credit will be applied to your Ebates balance and be payable to you on the next Ebates pay date! Right now they have a $10 Promotion on!!! Register at Ebates if your not a member (you don’t need to buy things to promote it & make cash on it!! Click Refer Friends on the left and get your link it will look like this! http://www.ebates.ca/referrer?referrerid=Sb0NHB7oyJU%3D

FYI** Be very careful with hitting the Tweet, Share on Facebook or Email as your Referral Link is not always included!! You don’t want to lose money!


Shop.ca has a 3 fold program to Earn Cash Back!

  1. Earn $25 for each family or friend who joins via your link and makes a purchase of $75 or more!
  2. Earn up to 5% Cash back on all purchase you make
  3. Earn 1%  for sharing great deals & if anyone buys that deal you earn 1%  deposited directly into your Shop.ca account!
November 27, 2013 Order Number:839100  –  Rewards Earned on Order 2.5% 0.59
November 27, 2013 Order Number:839100  –  Rewards Used on Order 2.5% 80.07
November 27, 2013 Order Number:836985  –  Product sharing bonus 0.01
November 27, 2013 Order Number:836985  –  Product sharing bonus 1.00
November 27, 2013 Order Number:836985  –  Referral bonus 25.00

Each product you view you can click Share to share with Friends to earn 1 % Here is an example to buy $100 worth of Petro Canada Cards for cheap with Cash back  http://go.shop.ca/1aWJNSr That is an example of a share link, If you click on it; you should be redirected to the offer! If you purchase it I would earn 1 %

Click the blue button towards the top that says refer friends! You’ll get a link that looks like this

Did I mention Shop.ca has free shipping! Also tell your friends if they use Ebates when shopping at Shop.ca they can get up to 20% Cash Back!!

Shop.ca also has Areoplan rewards. RIGHT NOW get 15x rewards on your first purchase for every $1 you spend!



Wagjag also rewards you for referring family and friends. Go to the button that says Share and Earn up to a $1000. Then from there your link should look like this: http://vnlink.co/S6575SL If your a Telus customer you can get a $10 Credit EACH month on every $40 purchase!! Click here to see the post . Don’t have Telus but your friend does? Ask them to help you out, you only need to get a text sent to their cell phone and they will get a text with a code, put it in Wagjag and it’s all set up for good! You don’t need to go through this process each month!! :)



Refer a friend and earn $10 in Groupon Bucks!*

You can earn $10 in Groupon Bucks whenever you refer a friend to Groupon and they buy their first deal. This is what your link would look like to share with Family & Friends  http://www.groupon.com//raf/UserReferral_rp/121015/10r1act/t/uu59474165


Refer a friend to Well.ca and get $10 off your next order of $40 or more!

It’s really easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Create a coupon code for $10 off $40.
  2. Send your newly created coupon code to your friends.
  3. When each new customer redeems your coupon code, you will get a coupon code for $10 off your next order of $40+!

It will look like this! Hey Everyone, Here’s $10 off your order from www.well.ca   Just use promo code:CanadianBasics http://www.well.ca via @welldotca




Buytopia.ca allows you to gain rewards for referring family and friends! Sign up and then go to Your Vouchers and select Your Credits. The code in there will look something like this http://buytopia.ca/?ref=Do6pI



There are 6 ways you can earn some money online!




WOW!! Hurry and save $20 When You Spend $50 on Shop.ca!



If your not registered at Shop.ca Click here to register

Make sure you have your Aeroplan card number handy for your miles

FREE Shipping

(I used shop.ca A LOT last Christmas just for the FREE Shipping alone!)


 You can get a code for $20 off When you Spend $50!!!!!!!!

 PLAYHAPPY Oilers Fans! Click Here (One code per person)

(I am heading over right now to use mine!!)


Want more? If you go to Ebates before you make your purchase at Shop.ca, right now you’ll get 15% cash back in your Ebates account! New to ebates? You’ll get $5 sign up bonus!!


Score $15 for Shop.ca PLUS 7% Cash Back!!







Score $15 FREE at Shop.ca for a LIMITED TIME!!!

  1. Go to Ebates.ca first and sign up

  2. Go to Shop.ca and sign up (you also get areoplan miles when you buy!!)

  3. Go back to Shop.ca on Facebook and click Shop Happy to get your $15 code!


Now that you are all done, go to Ebates.ca and type in Shop.ca and select to shop! You will get 7% cash back on all your shop.ca purchases!!

A great way to stock up on some deals or get some early holiday shopping done!

Happy Shopping!!

Gain Rewards for Shopping at Shop.ca




With today’s busy schedules it is nice to have online stores like Shop.ca that gives you more bang for your buck and also gives you some added bonuses!


With your first purchase of $99 on Shop.ca, you will receive a bonus 800 Areoplan miles!

And as always, Shop.ca is FREE shipping and returns!

Shop.ca has great deals all the time on 100s of items.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Shop.ca

Shop.ca has Valentine's Day Gifts Fit for Your Budget!! #Valentines

[sam id=”12″ codes=”true”]


Shop.ca is my new favourite online store!

I love the deals they offer!

vday gifts

[sam id=”11″ codes=”true”]

Plus when you sign up you get $15 off your first $75 order!

Right now Shop.ca has a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide of items for Him or Her to suit your budget for Valentine’s Day.

Plus as always,

FREE shipping on all orders!

Also go through Ebate.ca to Shop.caand get 3.0% cash back on all purchases.

Get 20.0% Cash Back Though Ebates.ca for Shop.ca!!

It is only 42 days until Christmas.

And I don’t know about you, but I need to get a move on or I will be one of those last minute shoppers fighting the crowds trying to find a gift for someone!

Right now Ebates.ca is offering a 20.0% cash back on purchases with Shop.ca! As well Shop.ca is offering free shipping and free returns!

So you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get your Christmas shopping done and you get cash back in your pocket!

A win-win on all accounts!

CLICK HERE to go to Ebates.ca!

Happy Shopping!!