Great Deals for Babies ‘R US

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Babies 'R US Car Seat Sale

Some great deals available right now at Babies ‘R Us. If you are looking to purchase some items for a shower, for a new arrival of your own, or for holidays, now is the time!

All car seats on sale and up to 40% off All $29.99 and under Laugh & Learn toys.

Also all free shipping on orders $49 or more. PLUS Earn AirMiles when you shop.

Graco High Back TurboBooster Car Seat – Love Hearts $72.12 (Reg. $84.99)

Graco High Back TurboBooster Car Seat Sale

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn ABC Train – English Edition $16.77 (Reg. $27.99) 

Fisher Price Learn and Laugh Train





Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat – Tron $144.47 (Reg. $169.99)

Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Storybook Rhymes Book – English Edition $18.97 (Reg. $24.99)

Fisher Price Learn and Laugh Nursery Rhymes Storybook

 Maxi Cosi Mico NXT Infant Car Seat – Intense Red $186.97 (Reg. $239.99)

Maxi Cosi Mico NXT Infant Car Seat

 Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Zoo Animal – English Edition $17.97 (Reg. $23.99)

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Zoo

Evenflo Symphony ELITE All-in-One Car Seat – Porter $246.47 (Reg. $289.99)

Evenflo Symphony ELITE All In One Car Seat

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The Best of the Wiggles ~ A Devyn Review ~ @NCircle

Wiggle 2The Best of the Wiggles ~ A Devyn Review ~ Wiggle 1

When Diane let me know she had a DVD for Devyn to review from NCircle Entertainment called The Wiggles; I was super pumped. My now 17 year old son loved The Wiggles as well as my 12 year old and now I was going to get a chance to introduce to Devyn who is now 2 🙂 The Wiggles has been around since 1991 so a very long time and to be honest once my 12 year old grew out of them I hadn’t really kept up to date with them so this was going to be fun with both of us 🙂 Wiggles3

Wiggles6Twinkle Twinkle, Wiggle Wiggle; a Total of 35 songs Hot Hot active songs from 1991 to present! It was amazing to see all the transitions of the Wiggles charters!  Devyn really loved all the “LELLOW” lol.

My 12 year old was able to quickly pick out the original  Wiggles; saying when she use to watch them there was no female Wiggle and 2 of the men had been changed. So just one original she recalls. Wiggles 8


I loved that the selections were each only a few minutes long and had easy to do active movements for children of all ages, from simple clapping of hands to reaching way up high. To learning basics such as up and down, back and forth. Devyn could easily follow the movements; clapping when she was instructed to clap, hands up, hands down, moving all around. She smiled and thought several parts were “funny” as she chuckled saying “That’s funny”. It was very age appropriate for her!

Wiggles4I really enjoyed the Steve Irwin clips; which brought back a flash of memories of all the great things Steve Irwin brought us. It’s nice to see that NCircleEntertianment included these in The Best of The Wiggles DVD. NCircle Entrainment is also on Facebook! & on Twitter!




I loved how the songs were divided into separate clips to make it easy to fast forward, skip or easily find you favorite selection!

100 minutes wiggles7of rocking kiddie music, Bloopers, and more (73 Chapters which made finding things easy).

There is also English Subtitles for the hearing impaired. There is even Wiggly Bloopers, Clips from 1991 and more!! Oooey, Ooey, Ooey Allergies was not her favor song she didn’t like the words Ooey, Ooey lol but she loved Dressing up! She has asked for me to put in on a few more times so its safe to say its a Hit!!! 🙂



She also enjoyed the actives that came with it! Over all Miss Devyn would give The Best of the Wiggles a 8 out of 8 (she has a thing with 8’s)

DIY Deluxe Play Kits for your Child's Dolls

616_78281_A_001My girls have gone through many a baby dolls over the years and with my almost 1 year old granddaughter Devyn now; I’m sure they will be in my life for quite a few more years ! Devyn’s birthday isn’t far off so I was looking online for baby doll stuff.

21CMN4g1DnLThis bottle set, with bowl, fork, spoon and face cloth was on avg $16.99 on the various sites I checked. I was shocked! Are you serious…..with tax that’s like a $20 bill gone. POOF!!

Don’t get me wrong I’d spend the money if it was a good value but is it? How long before all the pieces are missing?

I had to get into “coupon frugal mode” ……AH!! I got it !

04 (194x167)

Get a wipes container (it works for the travel size wipes too) and add your own flare to it. Decorate it with the child’s favorite theme, etc . The scrapbook section at the Dollar store has stickers that have baby bottles, blocks, etc too 🙂 I have a babies receiving blanket here that has a few stains on it; I’m just going to cut blocks of cloth out around the stains. That way the baby doll can have soft wipes for her delicate plastic bum 🙂 Keep and extra one out with a ribbon for the babies facecloth !


IMG_5817 (640x366) These are pampers for a Real baby however they are for preemies; they fit perfect on the baby dolls! They sell for appox $4.99 for a package of 32 and due to them being Swaddlers you can use the Pampers Swaddlers coupons that is floating around for $4 and pay only $1 🙂

Or you could pay $11.99 for the wonder 5 Pack of doll diapers. 31Jxs7cztoL._AA160_


For the Canadian Basics Baby Kit project you will need:

  • White child safe glue
  • Water
  • Food Coloring
  • Empty baby item sample size bottles !
  • Clear fingernail polish

IMG_5818 (267x640) IMG_5820 (322x640)

These sample size baby containers are the same size as “special doll accessories” !

  • The baby powder if you turn the top to open the holes, squeeze in some white glue and turn the dial. This will seal the holes and the top to prevent any “powder dust” doesn’t get into the child’s lungs.Apply a thin layer of clear fingernail polish across the top of the holes to seal it 🙂
  • Baby wash, fill with water, add a drop of food coloring for realism. Ensure the top of the bottle and cover is completely dry. Apply glue to top and screw the top back on. Flip open the top and apply glue & close. Wipe off any extra glue. Apply a thin layer of clear finger nail polish around the flip top to seal it.
  • Baby oil. Complete the same steps as you did for the baby wash, instead of using food coloring, put in a drop of vegetable oil; it gives the appearance of real oil.
  • This can be done for any other baby sample size containers you have.

IMG_5819 (640x626)

The Baby Needs Food!

You will need:

  • Empty Food containers
  • White glue child safe
  • Rice
  • Clear Finger Nail Polish

For all the products shown below you will need:

  1. Clean container
  2. Drop in a small amount of uncooked rice ~ Kids love things that make sounds and well the real ones do~
  3. Glue tops & seal with a thin layer of clear finger nail polish to seal!

9514_Thumbnail_1 85648_Thumbnail_1

144349_Thumbnail_1 226838_Thumbnail_1





The baby need starter foods too ! Please ensure you ONLY use the Plastic containers~ do not use the glass ones!

A quick trip to the Dollar store and for approx $2 you can grab a plate,bowl and baby utensils!

The kids will have tons more fun with all these extra options. If you lose one don’t panic….check your recyclables! You can keep at set at home, one at Nannies house and even one at the babysitters!