Unique Homemade Father's Day Gift


I found this on the Blue Basket website – what a great idea!  So much better than another tie!

There is even free template you can print out to design the shirt.

You could customize this shirt to look like your neighborhood drawing in little details like: stop signs, street name signs, houses that are safe to go to if in trouble, parks, schools and where to meet up if there is a disaster.

Children would love to color it in and take pride that they helped create a gift that keeps on giving every time their dad wears it. Dad gets to relax while the kids play toy cars tracing the road ways upon his back for a light massage.

Click here to read how to make this project:


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  1. Lynette
    June 9, 2013 / 11:58 pm
    This is such an awesome idea, was looking for something different. Thank you for posting :)

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